It has never been harder to be in shape

We are in a “state of health emergency” therefore a health emergency… But it has never been so difficult to be in good health today! Isn’t that a bit too much to ask? On the one hand, health is the biggest problem in the country… But on the other hand, having good health or improving one’s health is a real problem.

We carefully apply barrier gestures in our workplaces, giving a large place to teleworking.
However, keeping in shape is nowadays part of the fighter’s journey. How is it that selling cigarettes is essential, or that you can quietly smoke in the street without a mask, while it is forbidden to go for a walk without a mask to take a maximum of vitamin D all over your face and breathe the fresh air down the street?

Why are alcohol bottles sold by the shovel in crowded supermarkets, while the “skipping rope” shelves of these same supermarkets are forbidden to sell (considered as non-essential goods)? Why is it that the big DIY stores are full of people, when you can’t attend a yoga class in a well-ventilated studio with 4m2 per person wearing a mask?

And this measure that forces you to stay within a radius of 1km to do your sport outside… There have been petitions for this perimeter to be extended to 5 km.

However, it is perfectly permissible to take the subway to go to your favorite DIY store.

This sedentary lifestyle, immensely encouraged by telecommuting, is increasingly difficult to combat. Especially since the fall season doesn’t help, we are more tempted by junk food, alcohol, stress and depression.

This is all the more frustrating because gyms and independent sports coaches have made a thousand efforts to stay open, respecting the barrier gestures.

Sports halls are not places of debauchery, nor are they places of proven contamination. They are high places for maintaining health, fitness and social ties so that the population lives in great shape!

Rather than preventing people from doing sport, why not encourage the population to get back in shape through sport? Let’s reverse the trend, and let’s leave it up to gyms to create, invent and innovate the form of tomorrow, while respecting barrier gestures.