If you’ve clicked on this article, it is probably because you are a smoker and you want to quit on. Excellent, you have made the first step in that process: get the motivation of quitting.

Here is my story before we get started. 5 years ago, I was a heavy smoker (1 pack a day, approximately). And one day, a friend told me about a conference to stop smoking, I was doubting about that because the speaker has repeated the same things many times, it was exhausting and I do not really believe that can help but at the end of that particular conference, I stop smoking.

So, I started thinking about why I stop, I talked to some of my friends about it and I ended up making my friends quitting, as well. Nobody believes me except those who I was able to help. That’s the main reason I am writing this article.

Now, let’s get started by answering these few questions with a high tone:

  • How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
  • Since how long have you been smoking?
    So first thing to know, there is no heavy or light smoker. You will always be a smoker whether you smoke 1 or 20 cigarettes a day. You are either a smoker or you are not. Of course, smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 20 years is much more dangerous than 1 cigarette a day for 20 years but we’re not going to talk about medical issues here. In fact, if I tell you that smoking is not good for your health, you already know that and that is not the reason you’re smoking. So, you’re not going to stop smoking for that reason.
    This article is not to blame you or to put guilt on you by telling you that cigarette is not good for your arteries, heart or lungs. So, what I am saying is that you do not smoke to get cancer, a lot of people are in a self-destruction but not at this extent.

Also, I am not going to speak about cigarette lobby, but you have to know that in 1950’s and 1960’s cigarette companies have paid biggest movie companies to show-off some handsome and muscular men and sexy woman smoking. In our unconscious and collective mind, a virile man smokes and a pretty and cool woman smokes, as well. The purpose of smoking is that cool is just a marketing idea.

Let’s deep dive into this matter: Cigarette.

The real problem is not cigarettes, the problem is nicotine. Nicotine is a substance in cigarettes that makes you believe certain type of desires, certain fears.

For example, I’m sure that by reading this article you want to smoke. Nicotine is a strong substance that manipulates your brain by playing on your fears, it always puts you to desire nicotine. After leaving the table, when you’re angry, when you drink a coffee…the proof is that for everyone, the first cigarette has a very bad taste, the second one is less bad. Today you enjoy smoking, yet the taste of the cigarette has not changed. It is just because the nicotine in the cigarette makes your brain believe that smoking is good. This is the first lie about cigarette.

As an example, if you don’t like asparagus, whether you eat 1 asparagus or 20 asparagus you will always find that asparagus tastes bad. And the proof is that there is no manipulative substance in asparagus.

What makes you addicted to cigarettes is not the fact that you make a cool move to smoke, or the social stigma, but just the nicotine.

So, just to tell you that if you want to quit smoking, you have to quit on nicotine. So you need to know and understand how nicotine lies to you, how and when you miss it, and how to face it and find a solution. That’s what I’m going to explain to you.

Since I stop smoking 5 years ago, I can assure you that my social life has remained the same, if not better. I can go out and drink with my friends without smoking any single cigarette and I stay the same person sociable that I was 5 years ago.
All this thing that I am telling you in this article so far, I didn’t believe them at all 5 years ago at the conference and yet I haven’t smoked a single cigarette since that day.
When you stop smoking because you’re going to do so, in a few minutes, you’ll understand that nicotine has cheated on a lot of things including your self-esteem and quitting will really help you gain confidence in yourself and in your life for a lot of things. I’ve been doing a lot more things since I stop smoking and I realized that I could get my life back on track.
Yeah at that point.

To stop, you have to fight nicotine and it is very simple to fight it. Nicotine stays physiologically in the brain for about 21 days. So you should consider not to take nicotine for 21 days and during those 21 days, there will be many phases where it will try to manipulate you, once again. Except that now you know exactly what nicotine does to you and what it is.
After these 21 days, it will get much easier and you will be free until you don’t even ask yourself whether you smoke or not.
Don’t even try patch or an electronic cigarette. Either, you quit on nicotine or you continue.
During these 21 days, you will have some sensations that won’t be pleasant at all. You will regularly have the feeling of smoking in your mouth and throat, like hunger. It is the nicotine that plays you on your fears and on the idea of lack.

Imagine a horizontal lifeline (of well-being) that is always at 0. Let’s assume that you just found a great job for example and you are happy because you can be at +1 for a few minutes.

Here, the nicotine at each new desire and each new cigarette does not put you at +1 but get you back to -1 and with cigarette you return to 0. A non-smoker has a much more stable well-being line because he is always at 0. Nicotine puts you in a bad health habit and make you think « yeah, I need to smoke a good one because that would provide me a good feeling ».

In fact, it doesn’t make you feel good, it just gets you back to 0. Nicotine is dangerous to your well-being.
In a couple of minutes, you will feel that desire of smoking. Everybody has his own story or relationship with cigarette.

Imagine the nicotine as a tiny monster in your stomach which calls you, it’s like a feeling of hunger. Anytime, you’ll get hungry, on irregular hourly basis, It is just the nicotine that pushes or talks to your body « create a craving, just do something that will make this person thinks cigarette ».
When you’ll get that particular feeling, the only solution is to SIMPLY pass the moment by running or practicing, eating fruits, drinking water, JUST pass the moment by doing some little things. There is nothing else! For me, I was eating fruits and drinking water.

These feelings of craving will be very strong at the beginning and so often. So after, they will be less frequent and less strong, little by little.

After 21 days, they will be rare and will disappear in a while. Today, I still dreaming 1 or 2 times a year that I am smoking and it’s just to remember that I was a smoker.

So from now, you have to consider that you are a non-smoker. Now, you take the lead, analyze those craving moments and pass the time. Usually, those feelings last some few minutes. Be aware that cigarette contains nicotine which is obvious, but also cigars and chicha contain nicotine, as well.

The key to quitting smoking is to understand that it comes from nicotine and you need to fight against it. I am pretty sure that you’re asking yourself a bunch of questions right now and you don’t believe that it’s so simple to quit on smoking. I completely understand that because I was in the same situation, five years ago.

At this point of the conference, after explaining all the things that I have told you, they ask people if they want to smoke one last time cigarette. So, if you, also want to smoke one last time cigarette, just go for it but while smoking, think about all the things that we talked about and the false well-being this will provide you, and later on, you will understand that cigarette is not a good thing, not for your well-being, obviously.
It is precisely because you already got the intellectual path to fight nicotine, you are also on the path to success.

Congratulations, if you read this article to the end and you decided to stop smoking. You are now a non-smoker. Now, you can crush and throw away the cigarette’s packet that stacks into your home, also throw away the ashtrays, lighter, rolling papers…etc.

Now, move on with your life normally because cigarette is not a brake and cannot stop you from achieving your goals. In 21 days, you will see that it’s working and in 1 or 2 years, you will be in a better physical and mental shape, then life will be much better.

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