What Is The Best Home Workout During Coronavirus Pandemic

Best Home Workout

“I stay at home”. This is the slogan of the moment. The goal is to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and the opportunities for contagion. 

Of course, staying active can become a problem in this situation. Especially for those who are a gym fanatics, those who play tennis, those used to a soccer game or those who go to yoga class. 

But that’s not necessarily the case. With a little good will and the right advice, in times of smart working , we can transform our home not only into our office, bar and restaurant, but also into our gym. 

The importance of home training

If what you are looking for is a football goal and meters of green lawn to run on, it is clear that we will have some limits. But if the goal is to stay active, work hard and unleash all that series of positive effects that movement brings inside our body, it’s up on you to make it happen.

Furthermore, without activity, the body begins to make itself inflexible and may feel pain. A simple and clear request for movement. 

Best Home Workout : here’s how

If we think about it, a few square meters are really enough to be able to give our body what it needs.

My advice is not to think about muscle groups as perhaps you are used to doing, ‘Today I do chest and biceps. Then this exercise for the quadriceps and this other for the triceps and finally I close with a little ‘calves’. 

Our brain does not think by muscles, but by movements. If we raise our arm to grab an object we will not think: ‘Now I activate my trapezius to raise the shoulder blade, then my deltoid to lift the humerus and finally my finger extensor’. We just lift it. 

And that’s how I suggest approaching training. Think about all the movements you can do and build your exercise routine. 

At-home Exercises For Arms

Let’s take, for example, the, you can push, pull, lift, carry, drag, grab, throw, open, close. And this is where bodyweight exercises come in like:

  • push ups : not to be confused with pushups, these are pushups. These exercises allow you to strengthen and tone the upper body (shoulders, biceps, triceps)
  • pull ups : also called tractions, consist in lifting your body attached with your hands to a bar to help train the upper back and biceps.
  • pike press : useful exercise to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, arms and back. Start the pike press as if it were a regular push up: hold your hands shoulder-width apart and flat on the ground with hips raised and legs extended.
  • down dog : it is one of the most classic positions of yoga and pilates. It is performed by simulating the movement that dogs make to stretch. It allows the stretching of the muscles of the legs, back and shoulders.
  • bear crawl : this exercise simulates the typical walk of four-legged animals. One foot is brought forward and the opposite hand at the same time and vice versa. 

At-home Exercises For Legs

Sit, get up, jump, run in place, take the stairs, touch your toes (or get as close as possible). 

Some bodyweight exercises that can be done are:

  • squat : this is the fundamental exercise to keep the muscles of the thighs and buttocks trained and toned. With the legs slightly apart, bend the knees and go down as if to sit down and then return to the starting position.
  • hip hinge : this is the movement that is often recommended for lifting heavy objects off the ground. It differs from the squat in that the hips move backward, the knees flex, but minimally, and the lower back remains neutral.
  • deadlift: is the exercise that allows the lifting of weights.
  • lunges : the so-called lunge is a fundamental exercise to train the muscles of the lower limbs. It consists in bringing one leg forward with the knee bent and the foot on the ground while the other leg is positioned behind.
  • calf raise : the exercise consists in lifting the feet on toes and then placing the sole on the ground again.
  • squat jump : variant of the classic squat where, during the ascent phase, a small jump is also performed on the spot and then returns to descend by bending the knees. 

In almost all of the exercises mentioned there is always an important activation of the core which are the main engine of our spine. 

In conclusion, how spectacular results you can give to your muscular system has nothing to do with visits to the gym, or with the use of free weights or machines.

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Best Home Workout