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burn fat not muscle

burn fat not muscle

Thank you for trusting us and for choosing us and the burn fat not muscle program to help you achieve your goals. From now on, it will be very simple. If you follow our instructions and work every day, the result will be a guaranteed success!
First of all, in order to succeed in losing fat and building muscle you must be assiduous in your training and watch your diet. Without these 2 basics, it will be complicated to succeed in your mission!
The objective will be to carry out short but intensive training sessions made of very complete movements.


We have already helped hundreds of people achieve their fat loss and muscle building goals.

Before we start with Day 1, we would like to explain a few points about our vision. You have received a complete training program with a diet and the possibility to contact us at any time.
We give you all our secrets for a successful transformation, but always remember that the only person who can really make it happen is you! You already have everything you need to begin this transformation and change your life.
But nothing will happen if you don’t make a real effort. You have to bring our workouts to life by putting in the work and the will to do it. The goal is for you to push your limits a little more each day. Every workout counts!
Make sure you do the movements correctly (it’s important not to hurt yourself).
You need to listen to your body, what you feel comfortable with, while pushing yourself as hard as you can.
It has to burn. It must be difficult. You have to feel like you’re going to stop, but you don’t give up, because you want these results!


What if an exercise is too hard or too easy for me?

This online platform has been designed to satisfy everyone. What we mean by this is that it all depends on the intensity you choose. For example, if you feel that your Day 1 was too easy, adapt your workout for Day 2.
Put in a few extra seconds of work (or a few extra repetitions) and a few seconds less rest for each exercise.  The same goes for the opposite: if the workout was too hard, put in a few seconds less work (or a few fewer repetitions) and extend your rest seconds.
The key is to adapt the intensity to your body.


What if I feel like giving up?

This is completely normal. You will feel like giving up at some point. Why would I want to give up? Because your body will always prefer to save energy and rest instead of exercising.
When you feel this way: push yourself and keep going! You will need to get out of your comfort zone and keep your end goal in mind.
Whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you started! Your “why” will be stronger than your reasons for quitting, we can assure you!


What is the key to success?

We believe the key to success is consistency. You don’t become a superstar overnight. Those who have achieved their fitness goals have worked hard to achieve them.
They spend hours sweating at the gym and come home late after workouts. They have been pushing their limits every day for a very long time.
Circuits are indeed THE key to your success. By not exceeding 30 minutes, the workouts are enough to burn fat and by choosing movements such as squats, push-ups, and sheathing, your muscles will be stronger very quickly. And therefore more developed.
If the intensity is there, the water and fat in your body will be used for the effort from the first 5 minutes. Loss is guaranteed!
Don’t forget to consume a sufficient quantity of protein, either in powder form or with a real meal, within the hour following your session.
In order for your body to use all its energy to build muscle and then let the muscle melt away the fat, you need to focus on protein and the right fats.
Also remember to stay hydrated. Water makes up 70% of our body and it is essential to drink well so that all the food and supplements are well assimilated and the waste produced by your body is well eliminated.
If you want a real transformation, you have to be consistent in your workouts. You have no excuse for not working out. Make it part of your daily routine. You want these results?There is no miracle solution, you have to give it your all!


We believe in you ! You have all the keys to get that body you’ve always wanted. This is the beginning of a real transformation, it’s up to you!
1) There is no rest time between the exercises because the goal is to complete them as quickly as possible while remaining technical. 1 minute rest between laps.
2) Don’t forget that if a workout is really too hard, you have the option of taking one lap off the circuit.
3) The goal is to perform the movement correctly and be able to hold the entire exercise every time without having to take a break.

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